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Having 22 years of strong experience in Data Science, Machine Learning/AI Advanced
Business Analytics, Alumni member of IIMC ISI. Expertise in Descriptive-PredictivePreceptive models and Deep Learning NLP with strong business problem solving.


EXPGP- MBA IIMC (Indian Institute of Management) Kolkata
OR ISI (Indian Statistical Institute) Kolkata

Work Experience

Awards and Achievements


IIM Bangalore AIMS 10th International Conference from January 6th to 9th of 2013 on “Elevating Performance Management System through Knowledge Management by K. Venkata Rao and Anjali Rai ISBN 978-81- 924713- 1-0. IIM Ahmadabad 3rd International Conference on Advanced Data Analysi s, Business Analytics and Intelligence April 13th to 14th of 2013, “f Customer Experience Adopting Mobile Banking Servicesin India” by K. Venkata Rao & Anjali IIM Bangalore 1st international conference on Business Analytics and intelligence 11th -13th Dec 2013“Customer Experience adopting mobile banking services in india by K.Venkata rao Anjali Rai IIT Roorkee, International Conference on Research and Sustainable Business” March 8th -9th , 2014 “ AssessKnowledge Management Practices by Enabling Taxonomy in Software Firms “ by K.Venkata rao IMT Ghaziabad Delhi AIMS 11th International Conference from December 21st to 24th of 2013 on “Consumer behavior in Adopting Mobile Banking Services in India by K. Venkata Rao & Anjali Rai ISBN978-81- 924713-1-0. by K. Venkata Rao and
OfEmotionalIntelligenc (405- 411).pd. ISSN No. 2250-0758 IIM Bangalore 3st international conference on Business Analytics and intelligence 17th -19th Dec 2015 “A Study of Customer buying behavior & E commerce: A Data mining Approach by K.Venkata rao B. Naveena Devi, Y. Rama Devi C. Rajeswara Rao, IIM Bangalore 3st international conference on Business Analytics and intelligence 17th -19th Dec 2015 “Elevating Cross Functional Team for Knowledge Sharing In High Performing Indian Organization by K.Venkata rao Dr. Anjali RaiElevating Cross Functional team for Knowledge sharing in high performingIndianorganization tp://
VSRDIJBMR/2016_6_June/5_Anjali_Rai_VSRDIJB MR_9859_Research_Paper_6_6_June_2016.pdf K.Venkatarao

Data Science Machine Learning/AI

Tools : Python, R SAS, SPSS, DataIKU, rattle
KNIME, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics,
Qlik sense, Tableau

Note : 196 Corporate trainings completed till